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Online or in person tutors can be found in almost any subject which you or your child may need help with. Locating private tutors is near your location is simpler than you might think. Tutors are very often very economically priced and you have many different types to choose from. If class work is the issue with yourself or child then take a look at the options available. If you start now then you will have less risk of your child falling behind than if you where to contact a tutor more quickly. This helps the child or yourself keep pace with classmates and enables you to be more successful and helps improve grades. Failing to get assistance with tutoring needs can lead to fewer job and college prospects in the future and within a few clicks you could prevent this by contacting a local provider very quickly.
Tutoring Centers - In most cases except the smallest of cities you will find many tutoring centers, offering both group and private tutors for you or your child. The advantage of using a tutoring center as oppose to an independent tutor is that they have structured their businesses in a way that allows them to screen teaching candidates prior to allowing them to teach your child. It's basically less of a crap shoot to use a tutoring center because the future of their business and investment to provide quality teachers and overall it's in their best interest to make sure they build up a good reputation. This may also be the case with freelance private tutors but if found on common classified sites like craigslist or some other online classified website that doesn't provide reviews of service providers you basically have to take the tutors word for they qualification and then you still don't know how they performed with past students or if they are truly good at their job.
Freelance Tutors - You can find freelance tutors at a large number of websites online. While the most popular classified site on the internet is craigslist this may not be the best option because they don't have a feedback system in place for you to screen candidates prior to hiring them. Some online websites offer a hybrid service where they take a small commission from tutors and allow them to place advertisements on the website. These services often do the billing for the tutors and then take a small cut before passing the remainder on to the tutors. This is a good hybrid business because generally you have a very large pool of tutors to choose from that will offer teaching on flexible schedules so you don't have to be locked into 9 to 5 learning. Another advantage is these services act as a 3rd party independent service so they monitor tutors quality and complaints. If a tutor is not up to snuff and providing lousy quality they will be removed from the service pretty quickly as this effects the reputation of the website. In some cases it might also be easier to get a refund for services rendered to you or your child. Learning Resources
Wyzant Tutoring - This is probably the largest website of freelance tutors. They have over 30,000 independent tutors offering services to students. You can simple browse around the site and locate tutors with credentials and price that fits your budget and contact any tutors to ask questions prior to booking an appointment. Once you find a tutor that you wish to hire you use Wyzants internal billing system which tracks everything and after services are rendered they will pass the majority of those funds on to the service provider. Tutor Vista - This website provides 100% online tutoring in a wide verity of subjects. I have read mixed reviews about this company and their billing practices but many also where happy with the service provided. While all of the tutors hold BA and MA or even doctorates most if not all of the tutors are located in India so keep that in mind. This may be advantages to some because the prices would be cheaper but it might have drawbacks that affect the quality of tutoring because of either a language or cultural barrier. Huntington Learning Center - With over 300 locations nationwide Huntington offers a wide range of tutoring subjects from K-12 threw college levels. Both group and private lessons are available and this company has a good reputation for providing high quality assistance to both children and adults. Technical College Directory - Find local technical colleges using this directory which offers a complete United States city locator for all schools available in country. You can find articles and features on the site to help you decide what type of degree interests.
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