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Though I've only had one 2-hr session with him so far, I can say that Mark is literally the greatest. I'm taking a C++ class at UCLA and only wish I came to him sooner. We went over two weeks of concepts in an hour and practiced for another hour. In addition to the concepts, he showed me a way to set up my HW assignments before starting them, and I assure you that is the only way I will be doing my HW from now on. He also showed me a way to debug my code that instantly shows me what's wrong with my program. Makes you wonder why professors don't teach you that kind of stuff. He even told me what kind of questions are on exams usually and what to look out for. Also, I don't know what it is exactly, but his calmness, patience and words of encouragement really give you the confidence to write code on your own vs. the instilled fear of running into errors. I have all kinds of ideas and projects I wanna do on my own just because I wanna try them out--I wanna see what I can do! Would DEFINITELY recommend Mark. I know I'll be coming back!!
I started a new computer programming class and it had been quite a while since my last class. Rafael helped me understand the new material as well as review and fill in information I had forgotten from previous classes. He asked me questions to make sure I was learning the material and had me explain reasoning for what I was coding so that he was sure I understood how to do it.
My son has had 3 sessions with Patricia so far. He has displayed more confidence according to his teacher. Through observation and learning style assessments, Patricia has been able to zero in on the types of things that are holding my son back, and propose methods to help him stay on track (he has focus issues and is not medicated). She prepares lesson plans specific to his needs, and will review school tests and practice sheets with him to help make sure he doesn't fall behind. Most of all, she is patient during times where I would surely throw up my hands. So far I am very pleased and I would recommend giving Patricia a try.

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