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Mike was extremely responsive to our needs regarding Italian lessons. He was very flexible time wise and did a nice job tailoring the lessons to our specific needs. He was polite, patient and professional; a delight to work with on course content and on a personal level. We would highly recommend him for Italian lessons and will likely collaborate with him again in the future.
My son was anxious throughout the afternoon because he knew there were things he simply didn't get. By the end of his hour with Steven, a cloud had lifted from my son's head and he felt like he "got it"! Steven is encouraging and speaks in the language in which the student learns best.
I was struggling with calculus this quarter. It was extremely difficult for me. I've been an A math student all my life, but I just could not wrap my head around derivatives, and that is dangerous because calculus is all about derivatives and its evil sister companion, integrals. I was able to email Michael with what I was struggling with, so he had an idea what help I needed. I also outlined my goals, which were important to me, though, the expectations were just a 2.0 to fulfill my requirement for college. With Michael's patience, the prof told me today I earned a 2.7. Not too bad, considering when I met with Michael I was at a 2.0 and in danger of falling further, because the math was getting more difficult. Basically, Michael taught me a few concepts that I had just not clicked with, and some light bulbs went at a time over the lessons, and I got better and better at calculus during the last 3 weeks. I had a 10 week class and at the 7 week mark I was at the 2.0. I'd say going to a 2.7 in 3 weeks is pretty fantastic, wouldn't you? I'd also like to add that Michael got back with me very quickly by email, and he was always on time to the lesson. The only time I waited for him was when I showed up 20 minutes early to enjoy a tasty drink at Starbucks. He was still 5 minutes early. I'd like to publicly thank Michael. He really knows his stuff. One more thing, I was taking a business calculus class, and there were new concepts that Michael had not seen before, and I knew that they might be new to him. I explained them to him as best as I could, then showed him an example in my textbook. Within 60 seconds of my explanation and a look at the textbook, Michael was able to decipher completely what was going on. It took me 20 or 30 minutes on my own to grasp a small concept and 6 hours of homework per night. I got it down to 3 hours per night with his help. For an example, the brilliant kids in the class took 90 minutes. I wish I had hired Michael at week 2 or 3, but c'est la vie.

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