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Yousif continually reviews and teaches my daughter geometry everytime he comes. He's doing what my daughter's teacher doesn't. As a parent, I'm thankful for having Yousif be my daughter's tutor. My daughter likes him a lot too.
So, I am one of those people who used to breeze through algebra classes by memorizing formulas and doing just enough to pass with an A, then forget everything right after that final test...well, such practice took its toll on me when I took Business Calculus this semester. My weakness from slacking off in algebra started to pull me down along with these new crazy calculus problems my professor would throw at me. After barely making it through my midterms, I decided I couldn't go on anymore without getting some help. At my first session with Andy I immediately knew that he was going to be the one to save me from this pit I was in. We started off slowly with going over some problems I'd missed on my midterms, then after that he'd help me with my homework and extra credit problems. I struggled to learn from basic algebra concepts to abstract calculus problems, but Andy was very patient with me and gave me time to absorb the information calmly. He is very knowledgeable and really knows how to teach. He actually has a real teaching experience--he used to be a high school Math teacher. Whenever we were going through a problem and I'd have a chain of questions, it was amazing to see him explain as if he anticipated all these questions that would pop up in my head. He's talented in explaining abstract math problems in a simple and easy to understand words and is brilliant in making connection between the subjects being learned and the ones that we learnt before. I had so much fun during our sessions because there was so many "Ah-ha!" and light bulb moments. Particularly when I grasped the concept of the triple integrals after a long difficulty trying to understand them, it was exhilarating! I never had so much fun learning math as much as this! I could tell that Andy really loves the subject especially when we're solving tricky extra credit problems (I'm telling you those were real, I mean real brain stretchers) his eyes would light up and boy, the way he solved through those problems as he explained them to me, I'm like speechless! He is extremely smart! Plus, there is no better person to learn from than the person who loves what they're teaching. Some people may laugh at me for fussing over Business Calculus because it's "watered down", but hey it's still all calculus 1,2,3 combined and the class I took was so difficult that half the class dropped out. If it wasn't for Andy I would've been one of those poor souls. Instead here I am, happy with my solid A, writing up this long review for him because I don't know how else to thank him! So to everyone struggling with any levels of Math out there! Take my word, Andy is no doubt a "Math magician" so give yourself a chance to see his magic at work!
Tom was fantastic in teaching me how to run certain SPSS tests. He's patient and has a passion for teaching, and he is very knowledgeable about statistics.

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