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In-Home Tutoring – A Better Option Than Online Tutoring

In-Home Tutoring - A Better Option Than Online Tutoring

In-home tutoring, the term is self explanatory, that is providing tutoring services at home. It can also be called as private or personal tutoring. Tutoring is the process of taking guidance or services from a tutor to help improve academically or in any particular subject. A tutor can also be hired at home if a student is willing to prepare for any private exam or for test preparation. In- home tutoring comprises of all such services which are provided after regular school programs and is different from those at tutoring centers. The difference lies in one to one guidance and attention given to a pupil at home. It can also be for a small group of students gathering at home and studying together for a common subject or objective.

The process of tutoring online in a virtual environment or using any network is called online tutoring. Online tutoring is a gift of modern technology and internet in which teacher and students are far apart; different methodologies are applied in communicating required messages to each other. This service is confined to a particular set of users. Online tutoring in education requires the use of certain virtual learning environment or learning management systems like Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle and many others. The learners pay for the services first and then they get the desired tutoring time. Some educational institutes and publishers of educational text books also provide online tutoring services free of cost. One-to-one tutoring is a pair comprising of a student and a teacher, whereas many-to-one online tutoring can be conducted with a group of students logged in at the same time and taking assistance from a single tutor.

Student-Tutor Interaction is an important aspect, face to face communication and instructions leave a strong impact too. Tutoring at home is always held at a location where other than students; most often parents also can keep a watch on the activity. Parental involvement can be anywhere and at any time. On the other hand, online services require a computer and other multimedia operations like webcams, microphone and other communicating equipments.

Tutoring Time-Although online tutoring can be conducted 24 hours and 7 days a week provided it is pre-recorded, if the location of learner and tutor are spaced and the timings do not match, then it becomes less flexible. In-home tutoring is more flexible and is held after school hours and the student decides on the time for consultation with the tutor.

Easy Access to place of study- A tutor can get in touch with the school and material taught in the school. In some instances, the teachers of the school need to be contacted to discuss student’s progress, however during online tutoring, any such contact cannot be made.

No Specification of Accessories- Online tutoring requires an internet connection with a well equipped computer system with all necessary audio and visual supports; whereas In-home tutoring requires text books, regular stationary and a private place where tutor and student can sit and study with concentration.

Progress Reports- Most of the parents are extremely interested in discussing the progress of the student on a regular basis and they can also get the report daily. Home tutoring also enables them to talk and evaluate the tutor personally and professionally, whereas an online tutor usually is out of reach of the parents and the tutor’s focus remains on the teaching services.

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