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Kind Of Tutor A Student Wants!

Kind Of Tutor A Student Wants!

When one is a tutor it does not only mean teaching and educating students; being a tutor also involves a lot of other responsibilities which needs to be fulfilled. A tutor has a lot of unique characteristics which all combine together and makes a student look up to the tutor. A tutor is not only a teacher but he is also a role model; many students imitate him and many students follow and pay respect to him; that’s why it is said that a tutor or a teacher has a very important role to play in our society as they shape the future leaders and a generation of a country.

A tutor helps, supports, heartens and gives confidence to his students. It is the responsibility of a tutor to be concerned and sensitive about the problems his students faces. But a tutor should remember one thing – he should not misguide the student about his career. If the tutor is unsure about anything, then he should simply refuse to give guidelines or should only give his viewpoint. Apart from the fact that the tutor needs to be friendly and open to his students so that the students can easily come to him and share their problems and issues with him, he should maintain a professional distance so that when he is teaching, the students should not misbehave and should pay attention to what is being taught.

The tutors should encourage the students who come forward and are anxious to work with them on different projects and want to polish their skills, but the tutor should make sure that he is not giving too much time to them and neglecting the other students and their study timings. There are many students who are dependent solely on the tutors; they should help them and give them assignments and projects to boost their confidence. It is obligatory for the tutor to be regular and punctual; this will give a message to the students to be regular and punctual as well. They will also work hard when they will see their tutor working hard on them.

The tutor should also inform the students about the payment and the fee procedure beforehand so that there is no confusion and the students do not disturb the tutor by asking him different questions about the fee and payment. If the student is paying the tutor directly, then the tutor should maintain the document with clear records. It is always recommended to fix a date on which all the payments should be cleared by the tutee.

The class rules say that the tutor firstly should maintain the privacy of his students and secondly he should not discriminate among his students. He should help all the students even the students who are not sharp and lacks in some aspects. Some students feel like sharing everything with their tutor, regular interactions make them so close to each other that it gets into a friendship sort of relationship. However, the tutor should encourage the student to maintain privacy.


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