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Persona of A Good Tutor

Persona of A Good Tutor

Angry TutorA tutor is our teacher, our helper, leader, the role model, a favorite personality and the only person with whom we enjoyed learning. A good tutor should have an encouraging attitude and he should share his real life experiences. His expertise and knowledge matters a lot and should be honest with his profession. Students demand a caring approach, have patience to listen to them and teach them with passion so that they can overcome their shortcomings. A reliable tutor has strong interpersonal skills and is a master of his field with relevant academic knowledge covering the latest news and reviews. With the help of a tutor, a student can become independent. For most of the students, their tutors become their role models and they copy them, follow them and try to be like them, so you need to set an excellent example for them.

The role of a tutor includes planning according to a students need and he should kept focus on how and what he should be teaching. A tutor must incorporate active learning techniques to make the session interactive, make students practice their own skills and let them discover what they want to learn. Only lecture is not enough make them understand the concept. The tutor must develop effective study techniques in students so that they can follow them for the rest of their academic life. Make them adopt healthy learning habits and skills that will also help them professionally.

Every student is not the same; hence a tutor should cater to individuals needs. Teach them how to learn from mind, facilitate their learning skills and help them understand the subject. Make them adopt learning strategies, demonstrate methods and concepts and conduct research based study using appropriate study material. Tutor them with an encouraging attitude and teach them habits of following discipline, organizing studies, making notes and test them on regular basis. Don’t make them habitual or dependent on tutoring, teach them the relevant stuff and leave the rest on them to handle, in the end they should become independent and be able to study on their own.

Tutoring must be conducted in an energetic, enthusiastic and interesting manner. Don’t make the subject boring for students. Have patience and give enough time to the student to show progress. Some students might take time to overcome the deficiency. Stay calm and don’t panic. Revision and review are the keys to successful tutoring. Conduct dialogues and discussions related to the subject. Always listen to your tutee; lecture is not always that is needed. Don’t work for them, make them help themselves. Academically, they are responsible for their work, and your work is to demonstrate, explain and make them practice the right methods. Set goals with your students and work with them for achieving the goals. The strength and accuracy should remain and weakness should turn into strength. Be honest with your profession, also be true and open to tell you don’t know and need to review rather than giving a wrong information. Keeping up the quality of tutoring session must be your priority and core responsibility.

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