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What Parents Should Consider Before They Hire A Tutor

What Parents Should Consider Before They Hire A Tutor

We simply cannot ignore the importance of private tutoring and the role a good tutor can play in the development and learning process of a child. Unfortunately, the ‘public funded’ schools are not able to cater to every child’s need, which differs from child to child. Class teachers are not able to give individual attention to every child which some of them deserve. If your child is not getting the grades that you desire, it doesn’t mean he is unintelligent. He just needs a different approach to learning which a private tutor can provide.

Referrals are a great way to find a good tutor. But your child’s needs might be different from his friends. Another thing to consider when hiring a tutor is your budget and schedule. Although you can leaf through the yellow pages, a website which offers you in home tutors is much better. As there is everything you need to know about a tutor in one place: his education, experience, specialty and his availability. You can also compare the different tutors available in your area with just a few clicks, from the convenience of your home. Testimonials and ratings help you even further in making your decision.

When looking for tutors, hire one that specifically meets the requirements of your child. Your child might have some disability like dyslexia or maybe he is just easily distracted. Some students are better at one subject and might have trouble grasping the other subjects. Or maybe your child simply has difficulty in understanding what is being said in class and needs a different approach. Identify your child’s problem first and then look for a tutor whose personality and teaching style best caters to your child’s requirements.

To make most out of the tutoring sessions, first you should discuss and create a tutoring plan with the tutor in detail. He/she should be well aware of the syllabus at school, and weak areas of your child. Ask a tutor how much time they would be allocating to different areas. A good tutor, after meeting your child, will give you a tailor-made plan on how they will cover the syllabus; however they would always welcome any suggestion that you, have as you know your child better.

Also discuss with the tutor what method of assessment they would be using. Multiple assessments in school and by the personal tutors highlight the child’s weak areas better, thus allowing a tutor to work towards improving them more efficiently.

It is also important that parents keep in mind that it is not the tutor’s job to assist your child with his homework. Homework is given to make students practice what has already been taught in class and a tutor only clarifies any concepts which a child has not understood. When a child does homework on his own with the necessary help from the tutor, it clarifies his concepts further and also builds his confidence.

Lastly, most parents lack the time and ability to tutor their child at home. Hence if your child is struggling at school, before it affects your child’s confidence and he loses interest in studies, hire a tutor.


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