In 1990, Robert N. Butler, M.D. placed the foundation stone of Institute of Longevity Center. Dr. Robert Butler is a well-distinguished name in the field of gerontology, and a winner of Pulitzer Prize. Institute of Longevity Center ranks among the world’s first and exclusively nonprofit organizations that specialize in state of the art research, policy formulations and to educate others how to improve the quality and span of life as long as they live so that they can make the most of their lives and can achieve their long terms goals and objectives. ILC also advises people ways to increase the chances of survival of the fittest and live a better life as much possible.

According to the latest statistics, it is estimated that in the United States alone, every 7.6 seconds, a baby boomer turns 50 years of age. This demonstrates a huge population that the United States has of people who are 50. Unfortunately for most, 50 years marks the end of their life cycle as they descend towards a rather less healthy lifestyle that is plagued by diseases and illnesses. However, as far as the ILC is concerned, we are now helping individuals in making the most out of their lives by prolonging it. This is being done by helping them from different sources and offering them different options like:

Original research

Scientific workshops

Educational publications

Corporate and government relations

Media outreach


ILC is a nonprofit organization that not only advise people, but at the same time, we are also responsible for teaching and educating people so that they in turn teach others and cultivate a culture whereby everyone would live a better and long life that would be marked by better dietary habits and different exercises that would help them. It is affiliated with the famous Mount Sinai Medical Center and forms an international alliance of a global consortium that helps ILC to carry out different researches of the global standard and fund projects that have global ramifications which include researches on sleeping, financing, ageism, care giving etc.


If you want to get involved and learn the secret of living a long and better life, than simply contact us on our website or simply drop us a call. We assure you, you would not regret your decision for the coming 100 years that you would live. You can also subscribe for our newsletters and our ILC policy report online as well.

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