The world’s most renowned physician, psychiatrist and the Pulitzer Prize winning author, Robert Neil Butler, initially organized the International Longevity Center in 1990. The basic goal of this organization is to educate and assist various societies regarding the issue of an ageing population. As we all know that longevity is the recent phenomena which has struck the world, International Longevity Center helps various people around the world in achieving longevity by through contributing positively to their societies.


They highlight the fact that becoming old does not mean that they will necessarily become sicker. However, they tend to make awareness regarding various health factors, which tend to enhance a person’s life. These might include creating awareness regarding the actual harms of smoking. Many people never actually knew how disastrous smoking was to their overall health, but only recently have people acknowledged its full impact. Many chain smokers have quit smoking, which has had a positive impact in prolonging their lives.


The International Longevity Center operates in many countries. It’s head operations are based in United States of America, New York City. However, ILC has its sister centres in almost all the parts of the world, which includes: Latin America, Israel, Africa, Asia and Europe. In all of these centres worldwide, studies are being conducted with the help of a highly experienced medical and technical staff which study the effects of an ageing population on the society. Thus, after closely considering these effects, the ILC then seeks to counter the harmful or adverse effects which ageing brings about, by changing these into opportunities to be exploited by the ageing fraction of the population.


It tends to focus on healthy ageing. This includes in engaging the elderly in productive tasks, so that they tend to stay active. One of the major reasons of illness in old age is the fact that these people don’t get to do much work. This leisure makes them dull, hence their internal system becomes weak and when any illness strikes them, they collapse. However, by leading an active life, they tend to combat aging quite easily. Their body continuously becomes stronger; hence, they are able to face any illness more powerfully.


In the recent years, The International Longevity Center has grown leaps and bounds in studying the effect of how the greater life expectancy and a larger fraction of elderly can have a positive impact on nations around the world.