Why is Long-term care planning important?


One of the major issues facing the immensely growing population of United States of America is “How will they take long-term care of themselves.” This is the question facing almost every other American citizen who is aged above 60 years of age. It is a known fact that illnesses and diseases increase proportionately with age; however, such diseases and illnesses can surely be avoided if one acquires an appropriate long-term care plan.


Such long-term care plans include various categories, one of which is known as “Personal care.” This special form of care plan specifically focuses on assisting the elderly in performing their daily activities easily and swiftly. The services rendered in such a plan mostly includes bathing, eating, keeping a check on personal hygiene and much more. It is a known fact that if a person keeps good check on their health, by taking effective measures to ensure hygienic food and clothing, then one can avoid getting ill. This is exactly how a personal care plan assists the elderly. It ensures that specific benchmarked hygiene levels are met, so that the elderly can perform all their daily activities with ease and without getting ill.


However, in some cases, it has been observed that at times the core of all problems is isolation. As people tend to get old, their immediate family, and even friends seem to stay aloof. Thus, if given proper companionship of their own age, then many people tend to improve their health conditions. Moreover, if this doesn’t help, then there are two specific types of care as per the American standards which can be utilized. These include “Skilled care” and “Custodial Care.” The later is like a personal care, which doesn’t involve using skilled personnel; however, assistance is provided for a predetermined set of actions such as bathing, dressing and other daily activities. The former, Skilled Care, requires the service of skilled personnel who is well aware of all the medical procedures. Though, these also focus on the same daily routine activities as the Custodial Care, but it requires proper execution. Thus, it is imperative that the services of an experienced nurse, dietician or therapist are acquired.


With the increasingly growing elderly population in United States of America, such long term care plans have become immensely important. As the statistics show more than 11 million residents of USA are dependent on such a care plan.