Famous books on longevity

Who doesn’t want to live a longer and a healthier life? This is why whenever you step into a book store, you will find a flood longevity and health books just around the corner. It is one of the many aspects which have been gaining much popularity in the recent times; thus, many books are just merely scamming people by promising that their book contains all the answers, but in reality that it not always the case. It is important that you closely consider the credibility of the author before buying any such books on longevity. Only, if you think the author is credible, then you should proceed buying the book. Also, once the credibility is authenticated, then you can be certain that all the supplements, health tips, exercise patterns and other suggestions are healthy as well.
Some renowned books regarding longevity are:

1. Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine: Improving Health and Longevity with Native Nutrition – Ronald F. Schmid N.D.

This book specifically deals with the health problems which have been a product of modern day diet, and emphasises on how one person can achieve longevity by going back to using the traditional dishes, which provide both taste and nutrition, and minimizes the possibility of a person falling sick/ill by a large extent. This book further specifies groups of that are foremost for us, and how they can help you achieve your health goal. It educates a person as to how they should alter their diet in a way which is best for them.

2. Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of Ways to Live to Be 100 – Maoshing Ni

This book, written by Dr. Maoshing Ni, has made life easy for all those who are in pursuit of longevity and a healthier life style. It comprises the simplest and utmost effective measures, which are certain to add healthier years to your life. The most important thing about his book is that he has only mentioned natural ideas, and has made them utterly simple. The book is intelligently being divided into various sections of concern to various people, such as: exercise, healing, relationships. Thus, one can directly refer to the section of his or her own choice.

3. 50 Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People – Sally Beare

This book seeks to explore the secrets of some of the world’s most renowned longevity hotspots, which include: China, Japan, Bama, Greece and Hunza. This book gives a detailed explanation of the lifestyle of people related to these areas, so that people around the world can benefit from their nutritious lives. These people make hardly any use of any scientific discovery, as we all are aware of the fact that no effective anti-ageing cure has been found to date. However, this book looks into the secrets of their life style, provides ample amount of delicious and nutritious recipes, which they consume in their daily life, and integrates all such information in an amazingly beautiful way.