Long age is something that is desired by all human beings and through time and history; people have tried to achieve the secret to long age. No matter on what part of the world they live, no matter what religion they belong to and no matter what culture do they associate themselves with. However, one thing that people must understand is that life is is something that cannot be guaranteed but a long and healthy life can be assured if you are committed to dedicate yourself with the best diet and the best exercises.

The International Longevity Center in the United States is one of the few centers around the world that actively researches for ways to prolong one’s life so that people can make the best out of their life and can enjoy every moment of it. International Longevity Center is dedicated to provide the best new research in the field of anti-aging and to assist people world worldwide to preserve them and prolong their life span by the usage of state of the art diet plans, exercises, ointments etc. The ILC publishes its newsletters twice a month and includes different discussions and articles by different experts on anti-aging, nutritionists, doctors, scholars, exercise trainers and celebrities so that you may the know the latest cure for all your anti-aging issues.

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If you think you are still not sure, try reading the following books and you would change your mind.

Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of Ways to Live to Be 100.

Count Down Your Age by Frederic J. Vagnini, MD and David Bunnell.

The Longevity Bible by Gary Small, MD.