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My name is Mary Wanser, and I am an English and writing specialist. I serve American and international children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. I consult, edit, and tutor with reliability and a traditional work ethic. As an inspired wordsmith with five years of formal training and decades of hands-on experience across a broad spectrum of writing styles, no matter what your niche, I have the know-how! My detailed attention, innovative ideas, and rapid response time make me a wise choice for offering professional writing advice and for editing your academic, personal, and business projects. I guide adults desiring to improve their English language skills for personal or employment purposes. I also coach students through school semesters and prepare them for standardized exams. I maintain a flexible schedule. If weekday sessions won’t suit your agenda, we can discuss evening, weekend, or even holiday hours. I teach globally online via Skype.


I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a concentration in professional/technical writing. I have earned ESOL-related continuing education credits and have been a member of NTA (National Tutoring Association) since 2013.


  • ACT English

    English is one of five sections included on the ACT in addition to math, reading, science, and an optional writing section. In 45 minutes, you’ll be expected to answer 75 multiple choice questions based on five prose passages of varying lengths. Your mechanical and rhetorical skills will be tested. You will need familiarity with proper punctuation, grammatical rules, and effective organization, among other items. But don’t worry! I am here to help you with all of that. As your private ACT tutor, I will not only practice sample questions with you, but I’ll also offer general test-taking strategies. We will review concepts that underlie the types of questions you struggle with most, which will lead you to your best possible score. Together, we can do this!

  • ACT Reading

    Reading is one of five sections included on the ACT in addition to English, math, science, and an optional writing section. Within a 35-minute block, you’ll be expected to read four college-level prose passages of approximately 1,000 words each (or a pair of shorter passages) and answer 40 multiple choice questions based on them. You’ll read from a variety of genres — fiction, social studies, the humanities, and natural sciences. Expect to see detail questions as well as inference questions. If all of that sounds overwhelming, it needn’t be. As your private ACT tutor, I will give you hints and offer strategies to make the seemingly impossible task possible and doable. Together, we will practice sample questions and target the aspects of reading comprehension you struggle with most.

  • SAT reading

    The “Reading Test” is one part of the SAT’s “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing” section. It consists of fifty-two multiple-choice questions that you must complete within sixty-five minutes. In that time, you must also be able to read and understand multiple passages on a variety of topics. In our tutoring sessions, we will review many sample questions like the ones you’ll see on the actual test. We will learn to distinguish between the main idea of a passage and its author’s attitude toward the subject. We’ll learn to identify word components that will help you determine the meanings of words you might not have heard before. I’ll help you identify not only the facts of what you read, but the implications as well. We’ll also learn to choose passage evidence upon which to base your answers to questions, which will be key on the latest version of the SAT. I’ll offer you general test-taking strategies, too, for earning your best possible score.

  • SAT writing

    The “Writing and Language Test” is one part of the SAT’s “Evidence-Based Reading & Writing” section. You’ll be expected to answer forty-four passage-based multiple-choice questions in thirty-five minutes. Along with the passages, you can expect to see some graphics as well. You’ll have to read, find a mistake, and fix it. The errors might be rhetorically, mechanically, or grammatically based. But don’t panic; I’m here to help! In our tutoring sessions, we will try many sample questions like the ones you’ll see on the actual test. We’ll learn to evaluate syntax, style, and tone. We’ll review the rules of grammar, including run-ons, subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent issues, parallel construction, verb tensing, and more. The SAT also poses an optional essay prompt. If you plan to take the essay test, I will introduce you to what's expected. You won't be writing your own argument. You’ll have to read a 650-750-word passage and write a multi-paragraph analysis of it, explaining how the author builds an argument to persuade his/her audience. You will not be doing the persuading. In our tutoring sessions, I’ll teach you to identify evidence, reasoning, and stylistic elements—the three persuasive areas the current version of the SAT requires you to consider. I’ll help you hone your comprehension, analysis, and writing skills, as these are the three qualities your essay score will be based upon. Together, we’ll practice outlining and writing the type of essay you will have to produce on test day. I’ll also offer you general test-taking strategies for earning your best possible score on the SAT.

  • writing

    I have experience with several categories of writing and their various genres. I earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a concentration in professional/technical writing. As a lyricist, I had seven songs published on a professionally recorded album. I won a campus-wide poetry contest. Whether it’s a personal letter you’re working on, a simple essay, a poetry explication, or a research paper, I can help. As your writing tutor, I would start by reviewing a sample of your work or a first draft of an assignment. Depending upon the goals we've set for your tutoring sessions, I would proofread, edit, or offer a line by line critique of your piece. I would plan lessons targeting the weakest areas of your writing. Perhaps it’s structure, tone, grammar, or citations you need help with. I am here, eager to serve.

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