Kim A.
Educator/ Behavior/ Autism Spectrum Disorders
Columbus, IN (47201)
Travel Radius 15 miles
Hourly Fee $ 40.00
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I have a BS in education from Indiana University as well as a MS in Education from Indiana University. I have been an educator for over 25 years, working with individuals who autism spectrum disorders as well as individuals with social/emotional/behavioral concerns. I have worked in 3 model programs: Indiana Resource Center for Autism; Berkshire Hills regional Schools( with Dr. Michael Powers of Yale Child Study Center, using ABA programming with preschoolers with ASD; Youth Services Center (...



    AS an educator for over 25 years, I have helped many students with ADD/ADHD find success in the classroom. I will help you to identify where you are struggling and then we will work to help you fix that area. there is no magic process. I just get to know you and what makes you tick as an individual and we go from there. If you have trouble focusing, we'll work on strategies to help you focus. If you need help with attention to task we'll work on that.We will develop strategies that work for you so that you can feel more successful in the classroom.

  • Aspergers

    I have worked with individuals with Aspergers for many years, both in a university setting and in a model program in Massachusetts. I can help learn social skills as well as daily adaptive/self-help skills. I can also help you adapt your school work so that it is easier for you to navigate through. I know that school can be very tough because of all the social and environmental cues you have to read each day. I know this is hard because of the Aspergers. I can also do functional behavior assessments and then help you build appropriate behavior intervention plans-for school, for home and for the community. I task analyze the steps that are needed to learn a task and then we learn each step before moving on to the next step. In this way, you can master each step without having to rush through it.

  • autism

    Individuals with autism sometimes feel overwhelmed by school and all the demands and environmental and nonverbal stimuli that they face daily. Depending on the severity of autism, some individuals need more help while others need less. I have developed plans for helping individuals on the spectrum to success in school, whether that plan is a behavior plan(with accompanying behavioral assessment) or ABA work in which discrete trial teaching is used. I have developed teaching sequences using task analysis. I have also used detailed behavioral analysis to develop detailed behavior plans. I worked for the Resource Center for Autism and later in a model program in Massachusetts that was designed using ABA/discrete trial teaching for triplets who were diagnosed with autism. (I worked with Dr. Michael Powers of the Yale Child Study Center and author of Children with Autism and Children with Aspergers)I can help set up these programs as well as teach social skills.

  • ADHD

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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15 miles
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