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Beachwood, OH (44122)
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“Master Tutor” of Both High School & College Mathematics & Sciences Courses. -I work mornings, afternoons, or evenings. A background check is on file with WyzAnt if you needed. -I travel around meeting students at schools, libraries, coffee houses, or homes. Usually meet at Barnes & Nobles...these work out very well. Some libraries also work well. I do not travel to various school campuses because of new parking restraints on non-student parking. Parents and students of mine do trust...


  • ACT Math

  • algebra 1

  • algebra 2


  • biostatistics

  • C

  • C++

    "C++" is very similar to its predecessor "C". The majority of classes and books that say they are "C++" type classes are really "C" classes because the majority of the programming skills that need to be learned are "C" based. "C++" is a special add-on and can be very difficult. I can help with the structure, testing, debugging, and running of your program(s) and of course can assist with the actual interpretation of these areas. I have taught a little of this and also tutored several students at WyzAnt on this area.

  • calculus

  • career development

    Career Development is a very complex area including, but not limited to, economic, psychological, sociological, education, lifespan analysis, job status and progress. The majority of career development areas today are in both getting "certifications" and also getting "advanced degrees". There are also several career assessment tests that can be taken to determine not only what you might be good at doing, but also what you would like to do. In addition, there are several State laws these days that need to be known and assessed for development. I have a diversified experience in many of these area and when I work with my students; we always look at many of them items as needed. As such, I can listen well to your concerns, and provide good positive feedback for you.

  • chemical engineering

  • chemistry

  • computer programming

  • dentistry

    I have helped people get ready for their dental entrance examinations test, which is pretty comprehensive. I am qualified in physics, chemistry, math, and some other related subject to help one prepare for test. I know "all" levels of math and can help with general chem, organic chem, and physical chem.

  • differential equations

  • discrete math

  • electrical engineering

  • elementary math

  • English

  • Fortran

  • GED

  • general computer

  • geometry

  • hard of hearing

    Helping students who are "hearing-impaired" is a special "gift" which I have. I have worked with students who are hearing-impaired, sight-impaired, and related "impairments". I am approved by the State of Texas to work with disabilities such as this. Many times, I use JAWS on the computer to help students with their studies and I can assist you in yours.

  • Java

  • linear algebra

  • logic


  • mechanical engineering

    I am a former professional engineer which requires 2 areas of state approval and testing, the FET portion on the 1st day, and the more detailed test on the 2nd day. I understand my engineering basics well enough to teach and help student(s) wanting to improve their FET skills. I have experience with mechanical engineering, as well as chemical, electrical, and civil engineering.

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Word

  • organic chemistry

  • physical science

  • physics

  • prealgebra

  • precalculus

  • probability

  • SAT math

  • special needs

  • SPSS

  • statistics

  • trigonometry

  • vocabulary

  • finite math

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30 miles
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