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I help learners master concepts and lessons using proven methods of analyzing and simplifying complex problems. I can identify and help correct gaps in prior learning to assist learners in mastering more advanced topics. I enjoy teaching and seeing students gain knowledge and confidence. With Texas teacher certifications in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, I have taught in public secondary schools, colleges, and industries for 29 years. In this time, I have shown students practical app...


  • ACT Math

  • ACT Science


  • algebra 1

  • algebra 2


  • calculus

  • chemistry

  • discrete math

    My experience with discrete math includes design of logic circuits using Boolean algebra for encoding and decoding of binary states in electronics. I also designed an artificial intelligence program for playing Black Jack as part of a college course project. I later studied the application of truth tables to analyze digital electronics faults in audio equipment.

  • elementary (k-6th)

    I have privately tutored elementary grade students in math and science and worked with 4th grade students in Harleton ISD's "Mockport" science days that substituted for going to SciPort Science Center when the trip was cancelled. The students liked it so much, we continued the "Mockport" program in subsequent years. I also taught 6th grade math students in public school in Austin.

  • elementary math

  • elementary science

  • English

    As I taught math and science courses, I often found myself teaching proper English to help students express themselves accurately and succinctly in lab reports and journals of their learning. I am often given documents to proofread for colleagues before they submit them for publication or presentation. My mother-in-law, a 41-year veteran English teacher, would constantly teach me in the proper use of English and grammar while I performed my "Driving Miss Daisy" duties each afternoon after work. I assisted her in writing an English grammar book on a computer when she was over 90 years of age! That was a special learning experience for both of us!

  • GED

  • geometry

  • grammar

    There are many words that can be confused in their use in sentences. They're very common to us, but often used incorrectly! I am using two examples in these sentences to show their proper use and have a little fun, too! I could go further in this demonstration, but I don't want to go farther down that path. I have shown you one way to teach about grammar by using "there, their, and they're" as well as "two, to, and too" correctly in the above sentences. "Further and farther" are also often confused. I worked with a 41-year veteran English teacher to edit, produce, and publish an English grammar book.

  • GRE

  • logic

    Using logic is the basic skill of all science to understand experimental results. As a science teacher, I continually evaluated the logic students used to arrive at conclusions. I also used Boolean logic in electronic circuits to form "truth tables" for combinations of "AND", "OR", and "NAND" gates. DeMorgan's theorem was also used to simplify complex logic circuits. I also used logic in teaching geometry proofs in mathematics.

  • Microsoft Excel

    Excel spreadsheets are my favorite computer application. I have used them for many years and made everything from simple data records and grade books to large macros to automate a database system for 72 departments at my work. I especially like to use Excel in science to make tedious repetitive work quick and accurate. I designed a "Chemcalc" spreadsheet to find empirical formulas, formulas masses of compounds, percent compositions, and atoms/moles/grams conversions. I have also taught Excel for industrial workers and bankers.

  • Microsoft Word

    Word is my primary software for most computer files I have made. I have found that using keystroke combinations make many Word tasks much faster to start by not having to find the mouse pointer and locate the task on the toolbar. For example, "Ctrl C" to "copy" and "Ctrl V" to "paste" are much quicker than using the mouse. I taught my mother-in-law to use Word to write her English grammar textbook when she was 88 years of age! I have filed extensive legal documents using Word. I have also taught Word for industrial workers and bankers.

  • physical science

  • physics

  • Praxis

    As a 29 year veteran in teaching, I have the skills for teaching that are tested in Praxis. The core test measures academic skills in reading, writing, and math. I have passed the TECAT exam which covers those topics. Praxis II tests measure subject-specific content knowledge, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills, that are needed for beginning teaching. I am certified to teach mathematics, physics, and chemistry in Texas and would be able to tutor those subjects for Praxis II testing.

  • prealgebra

  • precalculus

  • probability

  • PSAT

  • SAT math

  • TAKS

  • TEAS

  • trigonometry


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