Randy S.
Hudson Computer Expert (35+ years)
Hudson, WI (54016)
Travel Radius 30 miles
Hourly Fee $ 65.00
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Greetings! Struggling with computer stuff? I can help you just as I have helped friends and family for many, many years. I have also taught computer skills at companies such as Honeywell and Unisys. In my circle, I am known as the "go to" guy for computer software questions. I began working with computers in 1978. Beginning with mainframe computers, I brought myself up off of the test floor by teaching myself programming by reading the manuals (remember, no Internet back then!) I lear...


  • computer programming

    I have been a computer programmer since 1980. I have programmed in MAPPER, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Assembler/MASM, C++, J++, Javascript, Foxpro, ColdFusion and more. I have my own programming company and also have run TMR Network, LLC (President/CEO: text campaigns), Mill-Tek (CIO: text campaigns, mobile friendly sites, web sites), Strategic Brand Delivery, and more. I worked as a consultant for Tech-Pro and Technalysis, and I have contracts for Internet development with the Fish and Wildlife Service and SMB Minnesota.

  • DOS

    I received my first computer in 1986, among the first of the 8086 computers that came out. I began using the very earliest versions of DOS right away, and used DOS extensively while learning other computer languages and doing automation. I still rely on DOS to this day to help me with basic tasks.

  • Dreamweaver

    I began developing computer programs in ColdFusion in 1996 using the fore-runner of Dreamweaver, Homesite. I graduated to Dreamweaver in the early 2000's as I added customers and my programs got more complex. I still use Dreamweaver to this day.

  • general computer

    I began my career with computers in 1978 as a mainframe computer operator. I was one of the first to get a DOS-based personal (est 1986) computer and was the supervisor of Sperry Flight Systems Computer Software "solution center", repair technicians, LAN/network group, and mainframe print and data entry operations. I have taught myself more computer programs than most people know even exist, and I continue to use computers and the Internet for my day job.

  • HTML

    I was one of the early adopters of the Internet and have been working with HTML since 1996 when I developed an in-house network at Guidant corporation for their clinical department. Since then, I have run a web hosting and design company and have developed Internet applications for large corporate and federal agencies, which all involved copious amounts of HTML. I have written programs that wrote HTML-based web pages.

  • Microsoft Excel

    I began working with spreadsheets in the mid 80's when Lotus 1-2-3 came out. Our company then moved to the Microsoft line when it matured, and I ran the software solution center and had to train other people on how to use spreadsheets. I have also worked with many variations on spreadsheets, and am known in my circles as the go-to guy when questions about Excel come up as well as other Microsoft Office products. I have written some very complex spreadsheets using many functions, look up tables, and multi-page worksheets that use cell references from a stack of pages combined.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

    I am quite advanced in Powerpoint. I have developed the super-busy presentations with all the music, voice-over, sliding arrows, etc, and the very professional high-level presentations. I know how to work with master pages, effects, dynamic information load, packaged presentations, and more. I am known as the go-to guy in my circles when it comes to Powerpoint and other Microsoft Office software.

  • Microsoft Project

    I have been using Microsoft Project since the early 2000's, and use it every time I need to estimate a job or provide status to an employer or boss. I have used it to estimate and report on jobs from simple web design projects to very large systems such as the one I designed for the Fish and Wildlife Service and for SMB Minnesota.

  • Microsoft Publisher

    I have designed newsletters, posters, brochures, banners, and more using Microsoft Publisher since at least the late 90's, and I have helped others do so as well. Two of my latest projects include a 2' x 3' sandwich board and a 4' x 2' class banner. I also mocked up a web site for a customer using Publisher just to show them an alternative since they used Publisher for their own brochure.

  • Microsoft Word

    I have created everything from very simple documents and templates to extensive auto-importing documents, business plans, student reports, etc complete with indexes, appendices, tables, footnotes, headers, footer, page numbering and the works. I am known in my circles as the go-to guy for Word and all other Microsoft Office software products. I have been working with Word since the 1980's when I ran the Sperry Computer Systems software solution center.

  • SQL

    I have been programming SQL code, scripts, and designing databases for interaction either on their own (triggers) or via computer programs (Foxpro, ColdFusion, others) since the 1990's. I have worked with databases in Foxpro, Access, Microsoft SQL Server (my favorite), SQL Server Express, Oracle (and.. did I miss any) and can help you get over the hump with those topics. I use SQL every day in my day job as a software consultant.

  • web design

    I have my own programming company and also have run TMR Network, LLC (President/CEO: text campaigns), Mill-Tek (CIO: text campaigns, mobile friendly sites, web sites), Strategic Brand Delivery (car dealer web portals), and more. I have created over a thousand web sites.

Rate & Offer

30 miles
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