Cheri J.
Specialized Instruction for Students with disabilities
Spring Green, WI (53588)
Travel Radius 35 miles
Hourly Fee $ 60.00
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Hello, My name is Cheri. I have a Master's Degree in Education, a Bachelor's Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation and Special Education, a Fine Art Minor, and am certified to teach Cross-Categorical (all disability areas and levels). I have been teaching special education for 25 years. I currently teach elementary, and have taught middle school, 8th grade for 15 years, as well as high school for a short time. I currently case manage one high school student with a physical disability and wor...



    In my 25 years of teaching special needs students, I have learned that individuals with ADD/ADHD can be taught to focus. They do focus, they are just interrupted with their thoughts, need a quiet place to work usually, or sometimes need a lot of noise. They need some tasks broken down, and need to know how long something will take to learn so that can commit that amount of time in their brain to focus. Various things can be used such as a highlighter, music, blue lights, routine, more time to complete tasks, allowed to talk to themselves, movement while learning, a special chair or seat cushion, etc. A teacher who is totally in-tuned to their needs will be successful.

  • dyslexia

    I have been a special education multi-categorical teacher for 25 years and have taught students with many disabilities, including many of whom have dyslexia. I have learned various ways to teach reading so that students can retrain their brains. One way is by using the Great Leaps Reading Program which increases fluency and teaches the brain to recognize how to see various vowel and consonant combinations through repetition.

  • phonics

    I have been teaching phonics to elementary students for 2+ years and currently work with a student who is 8 months behind on reading due to his phonetic and decoding difficulties. I use hands on materials such as phoneme and grapheme cards, teach pronunciation rules, board games and games on the computer, and reading short passages to answer questions. Some students have a difficult time hearing the pronunciation of words and need to train their brain to hear it. Word endings can be difficult and left off of words as well, so that is taught, along with changing words into other words by changing a vowel or consonant. It takes practice and repetition. I also recommend reading on a daily basis and asking for or looking up definitions of words, as well as practicing Dolch words and grade level spelling words.

  • special needs

    I have been teaching special education for the past 25 years, am certified in LD, EBD, and then obtained a cross-categorical license while also obtaining my master's in education. These needs include EBD, LD, CD, autism, other health impaired, speech and language disorders, visual and hearing impaired, and aspergers. Specifically, I taught 3 middle school students and one high school student with autism and aspergers, all high functioning, and sometimes coupled with ADHD. I am aware that social skills and learning needs are compounded and seek to work with a student's specific needs who has autism. I also seek to be taught how to teach differently with each student I work with as they show me how they learn.

  • spelling

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35 miles
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